I do believe in the value of writing these journals, but regarding the act of writing about our shows, I thought it would be worth mentioning that as I write about this tour, I increasingly think, “you had to be there”. In the process of trying to describe the San Francisco show and now the Santa Ana show, I am frustrated by my inability to fully explain why a show was ‘really good’ or ‘really bad’ other than by describing elements that are sort of secondary to the actual feeling in the room and the relationship (or lack thereof) with the audience. Take the journals with a grain of salt because they don’t ever fully explain the show. The night before this show the whole touring party (Some Ember, Moon King, us) stayed at Dylan and Nina’s trailer outside of Los Osos. They live in the country right beside a small airport – we cooked vegetables and used a projector against a wooden fence to watch a movie called The Abyss outside. We slept in a group of tents set up around the trailer.
It’s a really beautiful scene that reminds me somewhat of sets from Kill Bill.